D.I.Y Intercooler

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D.I.Y Intercooler

Post  Admin on Tue 16 Feb 2010, 5:59 am

Originally made by Jazzden.

Materials (1-3 can be found at hobbyshops):
1. Strip Styrene No. 131, 8408 and 226
2. Sheet Styrene No. 4543
3. Silver paint marker
4. Double-sided tape
5. Glue

1. Hobby knife
2. Ruler

Alrighty… Items in place… Let’s begin!

Step 1

Using the ruler, roughly measure out how big an intercooler to fit the air-intake vent, then using the Sheet Styrene No. 4543, cut out a piece.

Step 2

Then using the Strip Styrene No. 131, cut pieces that will fit into the length of the Sheet Styrene done in Step 1, painting the strips silver.

Step 3

Stick the strips in Step 2 onto the sheet in Step 1.

Step 4

Then using the Strip Styrene No. 8408, cut pieces that will fit the border of the Sheet Styrene done in Step 1 (2 along the length, 2 along the breadth), painting them silver.

Step 5

Using the Strip Styrene No. 226, cut 2 pieces out, and then bending each piece slightly. Paint it silver as well. These will form the coolant pipes.

Step 6

Now stick the 4 pieces in Step 4 and the 2 pipes in Step 5 onto what you have in Step 3.

Alrighty guys! The intercooler is basically done! Now for the final step!

Step 7

Using double-sided tape, stick the intercooler onto the foam bumper on the chassis… And there you go!


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