TA03 RSW Build Up

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TA03 RSW Build Up

Post  Admin on Fri 19 Feb 2010, 5:16 am

Chassis build by nhoj62:

so first up make a ball diff:

then stick in on a bulkhead, with arms pre-attached of course!

add some nice blue c hubs with bearings in:

stick the lightweight counter shaft in the front box, make sure you put the counter gear on it, doesn't work to well with out it:

then whack that on top of the bits you already done:

put the upper suspension mounts on along with the aluminium pulley, 15t because this is an "R" version

next install universals, pink coloured of course!, couldn't get blue at the time, oh and don't forget the adjustable upper arm!

having got that lot right now add the anti bounce devices!(shocks to everybody else!)

then you are ready to install the damage limitation device, bumper to you and me

so make a tobee spool,complete with two bearings

then place on a bulkhead with arms attached

then add the rear uprights

then start on main part of box by adding another lightweight countershaft and gears plus a carbon fibre spur gear shaft:

followed by the pulley and the tensioner

then bolt top to bottom

add dog bones and long rear axles and adjustable upper arms

then add the rear shocks

then the motor cover, tamiya one is best in my opinion

And the next installment is here!
so first up, steering, kose steering to be precise

followed by the battery holder

follow that with pink servo mounts

then stick the front box on

then the back box

finally just to garnish it add the top deck

center belt tensioner is all done

motor and pinions

combine them with motor plate

and install!

job done, sit back, put feet up and admire!

here are some pics with the body on

Now onto the recent additions to this project
first up Tobee Craft pulleys in red

on the front first

then on the back

overall looking good

then the cross racing carbon shock towers i got from Ch33sE1 on here thanks again bud!
front 03R tower

then the back tower

and then some eagle racing lower arms i got from ebay


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