D.I.Y Velcro Body Mounts

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D.I.Y Velcro Body Mounts

Post  Admin on Tue 16 Feb 2010, 6:01 am

Originally made by DHarvin

ARGH !! i forgot to poke the body holes before painting!!

im sure everyone has had that happen to them once or twice. And having these small bumps sticking out from your body doesn ruin the scale look of some of the bodies that ive seen. the velcro idea has been around for a long time but ive seen no actual tutorial and i decided it was time there was a general one made up.

Velcro mounts are VERY strong. You can pick your car up by the body with just velcro. Also, velcro also allows for adjusting your body to suit different rims. Imagine trying to do that with body posts. You'd either have to make new holes or have to bend your body posts.

step 1: you need to find a nice thin piece of angle bar. i used thin aluminium as it was what i could find rather easily.

step 2: Slight more complex. I mounted my velcro mount onto the existing suspension mounts. i spaced the shocks out so that they would not be at an angle. You have to grind out the slots that you see in the picture. This allows you to adjust the height of your velcro mounts to cater to different bodies. Take your time with this step. As you can see i did not which resulted in some crappy cuts. But it still works

step 3:

Take another strip of velcro ( opposite to the type you used on the mmount) and stick to your body. MAke sure your body is CLEAN!!! Ive had the velcro come out because the sticking surface on my body was littered with ABS dust.
(dont mind the ghetto wiring job)


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