D.I.Y Carbon Fibre

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D.I.Y Carbon Fibre

Post  Admin on Tue 16 Feb 2010, 6:42 am

Originally done by Domokun

you will need
1.tamiya ps31 smoke
2.tamiya ps5 black
3. platerboard self adhesive tape(approx $4) or mesh carpet tape(approx $20 but should look better)(get as fine weve as you can)
4. scisors

grab your shell (remmber to paint te rest of your shell first and leave the cf part till the end!!!)

spray the tamiya smoke in thing layer to get it as smooth and as even as posible, but get ita fairly dark tint. leave to dry

apply the plaster board tape making sure that it is well stuck down into all grooves otherwise u will get bleed in the next step.

apply the black back in very thin layers to avoid bleed


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