D.I.Y Roll Cage

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D.I.Y Roll Cage

Post  Admin on Tue 16 Feb 2010, 11:44 am

Originally done by Domokun

farley easy tut parental supervison may be requied ( the glue gets everywere lol)
u will need
1. bendy drinking straws
2. desired couloured spray paint
3. siccsors
4. hot glue gun

1. ok lay out the straws on the shell and cut them size( leave a bit of over hang so it is easier to attach later)

2. spray piant them desired coulour and leave to dry

3 place straws back in shell attching them one at a time very carfully attach them at each end and bends. if u touch the tip of the glue gun on the body or straws they will melt so it might be an ide to get a grown up to help u kiddies. lol

4. admire your work


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